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Processing a deer

Step 1: Cut off back legs right below the knee, and the front legs about 1" above the knee
Step 2: Hang the deer by the back legs, by cutting a hole between meat and tendon, then use a game hoist or 2X4 with holes to hoist the deer
Step 3: Make incision around legs then down the inner leg towards the anus ( using the line where hair color changes as a guide)
Note: Consider using duck tape to wrap around area where the deer is hanging from, to prevent any remaining hair from getting on your meat
Step 4: Slowly cut the hide from the meat with gently running your knife between hide and meat being careful not to cut to deep or through the hide. you will do this all the way down the body until you reach the neck ( by pulling and cutting the hide off the front legs) then severing the head as far down as possible
Note: You may now take the head and hide connected to the taxidermist if mounting is desired
Step 5: The first piece of meat to cut is the tenderloin. We cut this piece by first locating them within the dear along the backbone, slide your knife from top down about 10" to 12"
Step 6: Slowly pull and cut away the section from the body
Step 7: The next piece is that of the chops or back-straps, which will be on the out side of the deer in the same place as the tenderloin. Locate these and cut along the backbone from top to bottom and peel away in a similar fashion as before
Step 8: Cut off front legs and trim the meat off in what ever fashion you would like
Step 9: Saw at the mid section of the deer to obtain the chest and neck, which you will again trim off all meat
Step 10: You should be left with the back legs, you will take each of these and cut off the roast section by sliding your knife along the knife along the bone on the top of the leg, then trimming left over meat to use for making sausage, hamburger, jerky, ect.

The removal of all hair,fat and silver skin from meat will greatly increase the value of your end product